UAE Startup Depends on Blockchain Technology to Flatten Coronavirus Curve

The UAE-based startup, in5, is helping to design blockchain-based methods to contain the VOC-19 pandemic in the country and thus flatten the curve.

According to a report released May 20, Liber Health, supported by in5, is one of the platforms used for patient identification supported by blockchain technology. They are creating a contactless system to recognize biometric identification data and analyze suspicious COVID-19 symptoms.

Liber Health hopes that by tracking patients who have come into contact with suspected COVID-19 cases, they can help individuals implement quarantine measures as soon as possible.

They launched David19, an initiative that uses blockchain to collect information about Covid-19

Liber Health plans to expand discussions with key public and private sector entities, primarily in the United Arab Emirates, to apply the technology and reduce the number of VIDOC-19 infections.

Platform could save patient lives due to misdiagnosis
Syed Abrar Ahmed, CEO of Liber Health, believes that the platform could save „thousands of patient lives lost due to medical errors“ caused by the lack of auditable data; a statement supported by Dr. Sana Farid, founder and CEO of Munfarid consulting firm.

in5 also seeks to leverage 3D printing and robotics to design personal protective equipment for the country’s frontline medical workers. The robotics they propose aims to keep children busy at home while creating a contactless biometric identification system.

APP hi+Card for post COVID-19 tourism in Spain with Blockchain technology
Majed Al Suwaidi, CEO of Dubai Media City and leader of in5, said:

„Dubai has always been a center of talent, and we allow highly skilled people with innovative ideas to thrive in our industry-focused ecosystems. Some of the brightest minds are now creating life-saving products and services to beat the virus, while others are proactively reaching out to the relevant authorities to provide them with knowledge and expertise.

Other cases of blockchain use to combat VIDOC-19

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Healthchain launches blockchain-based network to unify patient records in Latin America
Blockchain-based solutions are also being used to alleviate COVID-19 problems in Latin America. Cointelegraph Spanish reported on May 20 on the momentum that the implementation of cryptographic and blockchain solutions is receiving in Colombia.

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